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Welcome to Cephalonia Wine Club

"Wine, the kind Spirit"

Athenaeus of Naucartis,


"Human life lasts but a mere moment, its essence is fluid, its perception dim and the composition of the body perishable, the soul is a whirl, fate is unknown and fame uncertain. In a word, all things of the body a river and all those of the soul a dream and illusion, life is war and a migrant’s journey, post humous fame is an oblivion. What can help you on the road?

One and only- philosophy."

Welcome to Cephalonia Wine Club! We are a cozy, warm spot to enjoy a glass of wine and learn more about the local life here on the island of Cephalonia. We have a wide selection of wines from around the island, and our knowledgeable staff is always happy to make recommendations and answer questions. We invite you to join us for a tasting event . Come and enjoy a glass of wine in our cozy space, and learn about the unique flavors and local culture of Cephalonia.

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"Unlock the flavors of Cephalonia with us!"

At Cephalonia Wine Club, we are passionate about discovering the unique wines of Cephalonia Island. Our wine tasting events are a great way to relax, socialize and learn about the different flavors and aromas of the amazing local wines. We provide expert oenologist to guide you through the different wines, so that you can gain a deeper appreciation of the island’s culture and its wines. Come join our events and enjoy a pleasant and enlightening evening!

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