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Welcome to Cephalonia Wine Club

"Wine, the kind Spirit"

Athenaeus of Naucartis,


Cephalonia Wine Club is the first Wine Club of Cephalonia. The idea was conceived by people who share the same passion and love for Cephalonian wine and the local vineyards that produce it. It is our passion and goal to unite the friends of wine on an exciting journey in the field of wine, wine making and viticulture, ultimately initiating more people into the fascinating mysteries of wine.

Making Wine
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Cephalonian Wineries

Cephalonia is the fifth largest island in Greece by area, yet it is considered the most sparsely populated, with a huge mountain range in the middle of the island that cuts it in half creating many different micro-climates. Cephalonia is home to a number of wineries that produce a wide range of wines using traditional techniques and local grape varieties. Some of them well-known wineries on the island include...

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What others say about Cephalonian wines and terroir

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Picking Purple Grapes

"Robola is often touted as Greece’s second noblest white grape, forever trailing on the coattails of Assyrtiko. If Assyrtiko has a greater footprint in consumers’ minds, it’s in part due to the crushing influx of tourists to Santorini and the enduring affective link they build while traveling in Greece.

But Robola remains a total mystery to the rest of the world: no one seems to have heard of it outside of Greek industry tastings.[...]"

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