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Cephalonian Wineries

Cephalonia is the fifth largest island in Greece by area, yet it is considered the most sparsely populated, with a huge mountain range in the middle of the island that cuts it in half creating many different micro-climates. Cephalonia is home to a number of wineries that produce a wide range of wines using traditional techniques and local grape varieties. Cephalonia island has a rich history in outstanding wine-making. The Art of Viticulture has deep roots in this soil, throughout the centuries people have been growing grapevines on the rocky hillsides of mountain Ainos. Cephalonia Wine Club is glad to present the most famous wineries of the island.

Enjoy the tour!

Cephalonian Wineries: Text
Orealios Geae Logo.jpg

Orealios Gaea

At the heart of the Robola Wine-Growing Zone, dozens of growers from Omala and the surrounding areas (Troiannata, Vlachata, Mousata, Faraklata, Diklinata) created the Cephalonian Robola Wine Cooperative in 1982, in an attempt to protect and promote the Cephalonian vineyard’s potential.

Sklavos Wines LoGO.jpg


At Paliki peninsula Evriviades Sclavos is one of the first  bio-dynamic viticulturists in Greece using minimal intervention practices. Sclavos winery has a family tradition in vine growing that dates back to 1919.

Haritatos LoGo.jpg


This modern boutique winery is located near Lixouri.
Haritatos local varieties are organically cultivated. The main
farmhouse in the center of the estate dates back to 1863 with
a long history in wine-making.

Gentilini Logo.jpg


Having a long recorded family presence on the island, Gentilini is one of the oldest running professional wineries of Cephalonia. The modern winery is located in the southern part of the island. It produces fresh and reserve wines marketed with success abroad.

Petrakopoulos wines loGo.jpg


In the southeast part of the island, Petrakopoulos winery continues a long family tradition producing unique wines from the local grape varieties of Cephalonia in a limited number of bottles.

Sarris lGo.jpg

Sarris Winery

Sarris winery is located in the south part of Cephalonia, very close to Avithos beach in the area of Svoronata. A brand new micro-winery with an extremely rapid rise in the top wine markets. It produces only natural wines from the private vineyards at "Fagias" appellation.

foivos loGO.png


In the region of Paliki, Foivos wine is produced in amphorae. At Foivos winery, they have experimented with ageing wines under water. Visitors should not miss the small wine museum that “narrates” the long viticulture history of the island.

Cephalonia Wine Club Coin.jpg

Village Wines

Several village wines and single labels are produced on the island. A notable effort is made by DIVINO traditonal vinegar maker at Pessada in southern Cephalonia. An other notable village wine producer is Menousis Wines.

Cephalonia Wine Club Coin.jpg

Single Labels & Vineyards

Throughout the years many single vineyard growers have managed to bottle and label their wines. Each one unique!

  • Stella vineyard

  • Xerosterna Fagias

  • Theofilos 

  • Bazigos Wines

  • Markantonatos Thinia Mavrodaphne

  • Ainos Wines

  • Kouris Vineyard

  • Garbis Single vineyard Robola

  • Kefalonian wines & Gourmet

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