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About Us

The idea of founding a Wine Club to celebrate the wines of Cephalonia thrilled us all, lovers of Cephalonia and Cephalonian wine. The idea soon drove us to action giving birth to Cephalonia Wine Club dedicated to Robola of Cephalonia (PDO), Tsaousi, Vostilidi, Muscat of Cephalonia (PDO), Zakynthino, Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia(PDO). 

Cephalonia, rich in landscape, colors and aromatic herbs, is the island of mythical peculiarities, both in its peoples’ character and in its geomorphology.  Aenos, the famous mountain, and the island’s vegetation create unique micro-biotopes which provide Cephalonian wine with superb taste and fragrance.

The global wine market’s trend towards natural wines, with emphasis on local varieties, unveils the unexploited potential of the Cephalonian vines. Local varieties that have been cultivated for centuries without  interruption on the island are today known to produce world acclaimed wines.

Cephalonia Wine Club aspires to be the place where we look for information on the Cephalonian varieties of grape, the Cephalonian terroirs and Cephalonian wine making; a place where we acquire more knowledge on wine tasting techniques and the utility of it all; a place where we meet the Cephalonian wine makers and read their news; a place where we hear the myths about vine and its precious product intertwined with the history of Cephalonian viticulture.

Cephalonia Wine Club seeks to bring together people who love wine; people who enjoy the produce of local winemakers; people who appreciate the island of Cephalonia for all its beauty and mysterious natural phenomena, and, of course, its people, the “magnanimous Cephallines”,  as Homer calls them throughout the Odyssey.

Honor and respect are due to the island’s long history and the efforts of the local people. Please, bear in mind that Cephalonia Wine Club is based mostly on the voluntary work of its members and there is no price tag for altruism, collectivity and collaboration.

Enjoy your time with us!

About Us: About

Club Activities

Cephalonia Wine Club wishes to gather the friends of wine from around the world, to celebrate Cephalonian wine and to explore and enjoy the uniqueness of the island!

In order to promote Cephalonian wine, expand our wine knowledge and satisfy our wine quests, Cephalonia Wine Club plans to organize various activities and upload published material related to wine, viticulture, the local vineyards, wine travel and more!

Here is a short list of events we plan to include in our activities:

·     Wine tasting

·     Dine and wine events

·     Educational seminars

·     Open discussions on the history of wine, the cultivation of vine and the future of local vineyards

·     Excursions and trips on wine paths

Cephalonia Wine Club webpage intends to upload material on

·     The different varieties of Cephalonian terroir

·     The labels, wineries and winemakers of Cephalonia

·     Publications and scientific studies in the fields of wine, wine making and vineyards

·     Cephalonia’s  geomorphology, bio-diversity, endemic plant species and  Mount Aenos


We aim to expand our activities as Cephalonia Wine Club grows!

The Passion Behind Cephalonia Wine Club

Viticulturist & Oenologist

The mastermind of Cephalonia Wine Club, Vassilis, is a passionate viticulturist with a 10-year-long experience on the Cephalonian wine-making region. He holds a degree in Organic Agriculture and Food Science from the Ionian Islands University and a master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the Agricultural University of Athens. He has working experience in the New World wineries of New Zealand, in local wineries and in wine marketing and sales. He has attended wine tasting events and participated in wine exhibitions and tours. Vassilis is a fascinating wine storyteller specializing on Cephalonian varieties.  He has participated in research programs on Robola vine sub-varieties as viticulture consultant at the Ionian University.  A spokesperson for the uniqueness of the Cephalonian terroir!


Yiannis Papadimitrakopoulos

"The Greek Flying Winemaker"

Creator of the brand name "The Winemaker's Art" at YouTube channel, and a true "Flying winemaker", traveling and vinificating in almost all the wine regions of the world(UK, Spain, France, USA, New Zealand). Holding a bachelor's degree in Oenology and Beverage from Technological Institute of Athens and a master's degree in Vine and Wine from University in Dijon, France, Yiannis has a vast knowledge on viticulture and a successful career in wine-making.

Papadimitrakopoulos Yiannis.jpg

Eirine Callia


With an impressive career in wine-making, Eirine Callia is one of the founding members of Cephalonia Wine Club! She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a master’s degree in Oenology from the Agricultural University of Athens and an extensive experience in the worlds' wines. Participating as a core member in wine-making teams of various wine regions (New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Canada and USA) and wine-toured (France, Argentina, Chile and South Africa), she is a true cosmopolitan Winemaker!


Angela Vekios

Publisher of Oenology and D-FiLES magazines

Angela Vekios is one of the first honorable members of Cephalonia Wine Club. Coming from a family with a long line of oenologists, she found herself with a scholarship in the amphitheaters of the Oenology and Beverage, Technological Institute of Athens. After completing her bachelor's degree, she "landed" in the halls of W.S.P.C. where she successfully completed the first 3 levels of study. While studying, she worked as a seasonal oenologist in wineries in Attica and Tripoli wine regions, without ever forgetting her passion to write & publish. Since 2013, she is the proud publisher of the magazine "Oenology", the oldest Greek publication on vinification & viticulture. In 2016, she decided to expand her "publishing family" with a project called "D-FiLES": a website that aims to introduce the consumer to the delicious enjoyment of wine, spirits & beer.


Vaggelis Savvas

F&B manager and Sommelier

With a University education, starting from the Agricultural University of Volos, Vaggelis followed his studies at the Agricultural University of Athens from where he received his Master Degree in Oenology and Viticulture. Vaggelis received certification for the 3 levels of W.S.P.C. and he is now on the course for the diploma. He followed a successful  career as F&B Manager and Sommelier in a two star Michelin restaurant in Athens. At present, he specializes on wine tasting and organizes wine tours as operation manager in Santorini Wine Adventure Tours on Santorini Island.

Vaggelis Savvas.jpg

Gerassimos Vallatos


Gerassimos Vallatos is chef and gastronomic consultant. Since his graduation from Le Monde, culinary school, he has worked with some of the most important culinary masters of Greece. Infused in fine dining, his interest in advanced techniques and trends in gastronomy is unparallel. His ardent love for Cephalonia is a characteristic  depicted in his gastronomic creations but even more so in his community activity; he is one of the main organizers of the alternative Saristra Festival at Palaia Vlachata, Cephalonia.

Vallatos Gerasimos.jpg

Fotis Vallatos

Travel and Food Journalist

Fotis Vallatos is a journalist, co-founder of and travel and food editor of Blue Magazine (inflight magazine of Aegean Airlines). He has also worked as an editor to many lifestyle magazines, as a presenter of tv and radio shows, and has traveled to more than 60 countries. He is passionate about wine, in particular, natural and biodynamic wine and he is one of the organizers of the greek natural wines event Bacchae. He is also one of the organizers of Saristra Festival (Palaia Vlachata, Kefalonia).

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