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Wine tasting lessons with Cephalonian wines


About the event

Enjoy an exciting and educational journey with us as we introduce you to the world of wines. Our wine tasting lessons provide the perfect blend of knowledge and fun as we explore how to taste wines, learn about vine growing regions, winemaking, aging and everything in between. Best of all, we proudly feature local wines throughout the lesson, so join us today to discover the wonderful flavors of the Cephalonian terroir!

*We will taste 7 wines*

As the wine tasting begins, guests will be provided with notes to guide them through the tasting process. They will learn how to use all their senses to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of each wine. The expert will explain the different elements of the wine, such as its color, aromas, body, acidity, and tannins, and how they affect the overall taste.

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