Robola of Cephalonia 

robola grape.JPG

White dry wines

Citrus fruits, green fruits, minerality, earthy

High acidity, elegant, medium body, creamy

Sea food, salads, vegetables, pasta, cheese

2-4 years aging potential

Muscat of Cephalonia 

muscat of cephalonia.jpg

White dry wines, sweet wines

Citrus fruits, stone fruits, tropical fruits, floral

Medium - High acidity, light body

Sea food, salads, fruits, aperitif

2-10 years aging potential


zakynthino photo.jpg

White dry wines

Tropical fruits, ripen fruits, stone fruits

Full body, medium acidity, medium tannins

Sea food, white meat, salads, cheese

5+ years aging potential

Mavrodaphne of Cephalonia 


Red dry wines, sweet wines

Dark fruits, chocolate, herbal, spice, leather, minerality, earthy

Elegant, medium body, savoury

Red meat, game, cheese

10+ years aging potential



White dry wines

Ripen fruits, stone fruits, tropical fruits

Medium acidity, light body

Salads, fruits, vegeatables

1-2 years aging potential



White dry wines

Tropical fruits, ripen fruits, mushrooms

Full body, creamy, powerful

Sea food, white meat, salads, pasta, cheese

2-5 years aging potential